Cruise Fair Ph. 3
Veronique - Body Specialist - Namibia

Cruise Life Experience

My name is Veronique rowena lawrence and im from namibia. I am a body specialist onboard I have been on cruise ship and is currently on one of Carnival Group. I decided to do ship work because it was an opportunity to see the world and spread my wings. In 2012 i joined the ship where i was shy and drawn back. I learn hardships of being alone and the happiness of finding yourself. I also meant my love on this ship. My best memory was getting engaged in Hololulu on Waikiki beach. That same day I also visited Pearl Habour. I will never forget that day. In my current ship I pray that the months will pass,  work is terrible and pay is near to nothing. Ship work has its ups and downs but you learn to cope with it. I must add though that even though shiplife is not for me it was quite a process to get used to being home.