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Wouter - International Concierge - the Netherlands

Cruise Life Experience

Hi all, I’m Wouter from the Netherlands and I’ve been working on a cruise ship for a few months.

Why did I made this decision in life? Well.. I always had the wish to see the world. Lots of my family members are working on cargo ships and when a friend of mine joined a cruise company, I discovered that this is a great way to combine my passion for the hospitality industry with travelling!

Just a few weeks after making this decision, I hopped on a plane and flew to Vancouver to do my first contract as an Internation Congierge at the guest relations department. And wow.. what a completely different world from land-based hotels! My busiest day till then was nothing compare embarkation day onboard a vessel.

I’ve spend 6 months onboard the same vessel and really liked it. Getting to bed in one country and waking up in another, crazy. I have learned a lot of skills and I am grateful for the opportunity that I had. I just did one contract onboard, because now I really appreciate to have a social life and a full day off. Being around friends and family feels great, but not a week goes by that I’m not reminded on cruising and the experiences that I had onboard.

I would recommend everyone to do this at least a contract. You wouldn’t get rich or feel like you’re on a holiday, but every day is a new adventure and working with so many different nationalities really opens your eyes.

Have a save voyage!


Ps, every time an English person asks me how I’m doing, my reaction is always: Excellent! (without blinking or thinking) Get used to that! J